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29th July - 05th August 2017, France

European MTBO Championships 2017
European Junior MTBO Championships 2017
European Youth MTBO Championships 2017
World Master Series MTBO Championships 2017
MTBO World Cup 2017 round 2


New and updated MTBO maps

Scales : 1:10000, 1:15000, 1:7500
Vertical contour intervals : 2.5m
Terrain type : various kind of roads, campaign, forest, urban area

All events will be organized in accordance with IOF international specification for MTB Orienteering Maps (2010).


Map details

Long distance - 1:15000 - Eq. 2.5m
Long distance map
Middle distance - 1:10000 - Eq. 2.5m
Middle distance map
Sprint relay - 1:7500 - Eq. 2.5m
Sprint relay map
Sprint - 1:7500 - Eq. 2.5m
Sprint map
Relay - 1:10000 - Eq. 2.5m
Really map


Terrain description

Orléans country is 100m altitude.

  • Sprint competitions will be taking place in urban area.
  • Middle and Long Distance competitions will be taking place in forest area with dense road network.
  • Sprint relay and Relay competitions will be taking place in forest area with dense road network and plain, facing a castle for start, relay and finish.

No height difference.

All competitions area is open to public traffic. The courses cross several public roads. There will be marshals at the most critical places to help safe crossing and minimize disruption. Riders should follow marshals instructions. Still, it is the riders’ responsibility to observe traffic rules and avoid unsafe practices.



Embargoed area

The white areas are out of bounds for all potential participants and team members, including competitors, team leaders, coaches, doctors, escorts, and any other person who through their knowledge of the terrain may influence the result of the competitions. It is forbidden to ride and/or walk in these areas.
For all other terrains, access is authorized.

MTBO17 embargo



The expected average temperature in August is 20°C with relatively sunny weather, ideal conditions for competitions.


Map samples






Terrain preview

Terrain preview 1Terrain preview 2Terrain preview 3



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